WI-Global engages UW-Madison undergraduates in issues related to globalization and its impact on the world's communities, cultures, literatures, and languages, as well as on its systems of governance, exchange, education, and technologies. WI-Global has two different components: the WI-Global Forum and the WI-Global Paper Award. Additional details on each follow below.

The WI-Global program has been suspended indefinitely.
The WI-Global Forum will remain accessible for archival purposes.


The WI-Global Forum – sponsored by Global Studies and the Offices of the Dean of Students – is an online discussion forum for UW-Madison undergraduates on contemporary global topics and their relevance to and impact on local communities. The purpose of the forum is to encourage and promote student awareness of issues of global concern, as well as to highlight and showcase our studentsí participatory role in shaping and impacting the global agenda.

The discussion will takes place on the WI-Global Forum site where additional details (rules for participation, information on prizes awarded, calendar, etc) can be found. Any UW-Madison undergraduate, regardless of major, may participate in the WI-Global Forum, but you must first register with Blogger (if you don't already have a Google account) and register with WI-Global. Complete details are available on the WI-Global Forum site.

If you cannot find the answers to your questions on the WI-Global Forum site feel free to email WI-Global directly.

The WI-Global Forum for Spring 2009 has closed.
The Forum is accessible to read and for continuing comments.


Global Studies and the Offices of the Dean of Students sponsor the WI-Global Undergraduate Paper Award to encourage and recognize academic excellence in the area of global studies, as well as to recognize our faculty's efforts in training students as global citizens.

Two awards will be given each semester for papers written for a Global Studies course. Awardees will receive a $125 University Bookstore Gift Certificate. All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition. Instructors who nominate the winning papers will each receive reimbursements for research materials.

Only papers written by undergraduates for courses included in Global Studies Course Listing are eligible to be nominated for the award. (Faculty members: to have a course considered for inclusion on the Global Studies course list, please complete the course submission form.) Paper topics can be from any academic discipline in any UW school or college. Only continuing students are eligible to have their work considered for the award (i.e. graduating seniors cannot have their work nominated).

The deadline to submit papers for consideration for the Spring 2009 awards was Friday, May 29.

Course instructors can nominate one paper per course and email it to WI-Global along with a copy of the course syllabus (see below). Nominations should be made on the basis of the paper's successful fulfillment of the requirements for the course and expectations from the specific assignment.

Nominated papers will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. The paper reflects a rigorous and sincere engagement with a particular theme, concept, phenomenon, or aspect of contemporary global studies.
  2. The paper makes an effective and convincing argument for the consideration of its topic as a matter of global concern.
  3. The paper combines original thinking with a judicious acknowledgement of the scholarship in the field and/or engagement with the reading materials for the course.

If you have questions regarding the award, nominating procedure, etc, please email us.

Please a paper for consideration.
Be sure to attach a copy of both the paper and course syllabus.